The Dying World

- An excerpt from the journal of Wilton Furnibudge, amateur sage

A’ight, so the world ain’t ‘xactly dyin’; not really. Nor is it vanishin’, or wastin’ away, or oth’wise depletin’. More apt to say it’s being fo-gotten, misplaced, mythologized and whatnot. There’re things that exist in this world that ain’t no folks seen for so long that they’re getting’ to thinkin’ they musta been pixie tales. Whispers in the forest attr’booted to the darkness ’stead of th’ source of whence they came. Thems th’ things to be lookin fer. Thems the things that make heroes. And we sure gunna be needin’ heroes long as we livin’, cause you can bet yer bog on this: the darkness ain’t fo-gotten.

Welcome to the Dying World, a common phrase used to describe the state of magic and mysticism in the continents of Kince (keen-Say). What is fabled to have once been a world of wonder and legend is now a standard collective of states in a late-medieval period of advancement. There are hints of past marvels, mechanics and structures beyond what could be reproduced with current means, but there are no monsters, no wands, no fireballs shooting from fingertips. Perhaps the world is dying, in a way. Perhaps it needs saving, or at least surviving. What form that takes is up to you.

I will be trying to run this game with an open concept. You can choose what avenues to explore, where to travel, and I will build the story around those choices, with some pre-set NPCs and encounters in each region and the occasional dungeon-crawl for linear adventuring. That being said, I will be building towards a narrative once the characters are set. I’d like to keep things light on the regular, but the story will matter and details will be important.

I believe that the potential for character death makes decisions more tactical and increases immersion. I will be giving you challenges you cannot win, that you must think your way out of or return to later. Do not bash your head against a wall hoping for a deus ex machina, especially if that wall is a giant creature you can’t possibly defeat with a dagger and some fighting spirit.

Let’s try to build the world together. Keep me posted on your character ideas and feel free to share backgrounds with the group, or not. We will lace them together to build a party.

The Dying World

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